Youth Impact Programs

About Our Youth Impact Programs

Nevada Partners Positive Youth Impact programs help motivate and support youth to achieve their maximum potential through a holistic programmatic approach. The program assists youth (16-24 years of age) to build a strong educational foundation to ensure graduation from high school. While building on the foundation of education, youth begin their journey in leadership development and civic engagement activities. Youth are taught to give back to their communities and make their communities stronger. Finally, youth explore career options through work readiness training and career exposure activities to help tools for their future. Nevada Partners youth program helps empower youth in becoming responsible and productive members of their community.

Kickstart Academy

Kickstart Academy is an all day orientation about Nevada Partners’ Youth Department structure, services, and resources. The Kickstart Academy provides young adults with the necessary tools to successfully navigate through the program

Wild N Out Wednesday Youth Advisory Council (W.O.W)

Wild N Out Wednesdays is a youth-led program  that provides young adults(ages 16-24) with the opportunity to learn about and participate in service and social change.WIld n Out Wednesdays aims to positively impact young adults through hands-on leadership development, community service, and civic engagement.

W.O.W Meets Every Wednesday at 6PM

Work Experience Program (W.E.X)

Work experience Program is a paid internship program that provides participants with the opportunity to gain career exposures and increase employment opportunities.


GET READY is an interactive curriculum that includes discussion questions and activities that focus on resume writing, interviewing, dressing for success , customer service, time management, and work readiness strategies.

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Stem is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology , Engineering, and Math. Nevada Partners Youth Department strongly believes that these four competencies and skills are essential to be successful in an ever-changing  technological Stem-based field trips.These field trips provide clients exposure to the many STEM-related careers.

Prince 2 King

Prince 2 King’s primary goal is to empower young men to purse educational/employment/social goals while improving in the Farea of general life skills.This program provides an opportunity to engage,challenge, celebrate, develop, and unite young men.

Stepping Into Queendom

Stepping into queendom is structured support groups for young women( ages 16-24) this program aims to counteract social and interpersonal forces that impede young women’s growth and development by promoting an emotionally safe environment .

On-The-Job-Training Program (O.J.T)

OJT is teaching the skills, knowledge, and competencies that are needed for employees to perform a specific job within the workplace and work environment. THE OJT program provides 50 percent reimbursement of employee’s wages. Companies can use OJTS to hire and train promising job candidates who have some- but not all- of the skills necessary for the job.

Job Fairs

Nevada Partners Youth Department offers quarterly job fair/hiring events. This particular program is open to the Las Vegas community. Quarterly job fairs consist of at least 20 employers from various working sectors looking to hire Nevada Partners Youth.

The Practice

A university of Nevada, Las Vegas Mental Health clinic is a six-week program that provides young adults with the opportunity to address various everyday life stressors ranging from anger to untreated trauma with high-quality mental and behavioral health care.

Friday Pit Spot

Friday’s pit stops consist of guest speakers, hands-on leadership development , and development activities offered every other Friday.This program is an opportunity for young adults to re-energize and refuel with various resources. This program is mandatory for current work experience youth; however, this program is open to Las Vegas community youth, as well

MYPATH Financial Literacy

Mypath is a national nonprofit focused on paving economic pathways for youth.MYPath shares best practices and evidence- based models through training and technical assistance to support the adoption of their approaches in communities. MYPath leverages this teachable moment at the beginning of youth’s financial lives to set the foundation for upward mobility, ultimately transforming their income into financial and personal growth.In doing this, we cultivate a stronger, more sustainable economy for generations to come.

Life Skills Classes

Our life skills classes is a BADA certified SAMHSA best practice that engages youth in discussion questions, interactive games and character education.The lessons are designed to spark conversation, help youth engage in introspection and give them strategies taught are Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle, Stress Management, Goal setting, Conflict Resolution,etc. All of these are combined with a strong emphasis on character development.

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