Resources for First-Time Homebuyers

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Nevada Partners’ Homeownership Program aims not only to promote home ownership, but also to create
informed home buyers who can support homeownership over the long term. Studies
show that with education, first-time home buyers have a much higher rate of success
in keeping their homes or seeking help when needed. By enabling local families
to overcome the barriers to purchasing a home of their own, this program
encourages wealth creation, a stable workforce, and a stronger community.Homeownership

First-Time Homebuyer
Counseling, Education & Downpayment Assistance

NPI Homebuyer Education Workshops are offered multiple times per month via in-person classes and webinar presentations. The class is designed to educate homebuyers of the requirements and steps toward qualifying for a mortgage and buying a home.  It focuses on the importance of successful credit and money management.  The class also highlights several of the homebuyer assistance programs that are available in the community. The workshop is a requirement for all clients using DPA programs and participants receive a certificate of completion that is good for 12 months.

Mortgage Assistance
Resources for existing homeowners

Mortgage Default and Foreclosure Prevention services are provided free-of-charge to homeowners at risk of foreclosure. Housing counselors provide a review of the homeowner’s situation to reveal the available options.  Some available options may include refinance, forbearance, repayment plans, modification, or emergency mortgage assistance.


Real Estate Professionals
Agents & Lenders

Nevada Partners, Inc work closely with lenders and realtors to support you through the homebuyer process.

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