Civic Participation & Social Justice

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In tradition of the pioneers and trailblazers who settled in West Las Vegas and fought to ensure that life in the “Mississippi of the West” would not mirror the norms, customs, and practices of the Jim Crow South, Nevada Partners places great value in advocacy and activism in pursuit of equality, opportunity, and social justice. From voter education and registration to hosting trainings on community organizing, policy advocacy, and civic participating, Nevada Partners places great value on democratic participation and the belief that democracy won’t work unless we do.

The Pillar’s purpose is to convene youth, business, government, non profits and faith leaders regularly to gain critical input about the needs of our community, sharing ideas, and connecting with lawmakers to support policy change that propels economic and social justice.

Your Voting Rights

Learn about your rights as a voter in Southern Nevada.

Civic Participation & Social Justice Blog

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Civic Participation & Social Justice Blog

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