During the Summit, representatives from education and business, and elected officials and community leaders will gather to discuss the issues most relevant to the local black community. Presidential candidates seeking support will have the opportunity to speak and take a few questions on topics regarding systemic poverty, adverse health outcomes for the poor, academic achievement, unemployment, affordable housing, and social justice.

Additionally, Nevada Partners will present its new community development vision and framework to national leaders and community stakeholders. As both a site and strategy, Nevada Partners will serve as a catalyst for community transformation by creating the conditions that facilitate knowledge, understanding, creativity, innovation, community capacity-building, and empowerment grounded in the following five focus areas:
(1) Healthy Children, Families & Communities
(2) Education & Youth development
(3) The Future of Work
(4) Affordable Housing & Wealth Creation
(5) Civic Participation & Social Justice
Nevada Partners serves as a model for community-based organizations serving Black neighborhoods and communities throughout America.

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