Does your nonprofit hesitate when doing anything related to politics? Did you know that nonprofits, like Nevada Partners, may conduct a broad range of voter education activities as long as they are nonpartisan and do not support or oppose a candidate? There are two basic types of voter education: the when, where, and how of voting; and learning what’s on the ballot.

Like Nevada Partners, your nonprofit can help the people you serve and your staff with information not always available elsewhere on when and how to register and to vote. Sample activities include:

What’s on the Ballot?

Voters want to know in advance what’s on their ballot. Nonpartisan ways to provide this information include distributing nonpartisan voter guides from a trusted partner or sample ballots from your state election office.

You should be more careful if your activity involves candidates. This would include a candidate forum, candidate questionnaire, or a communication referencing the candidates running. Make sure to treat all candidates neutrally and equally.

Sample Activities

For more information, click here to get a detailed list of nonprofit activities to increase voter education.

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