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08oct10:00 am11:30 amMarketing Using Technology PanelIn today’s world, marketing and technology work hand in hand. Finding your customer target, identifying how, when and with what format to reach your customers with relevant communication strategies, and measuring impact are just a few of the ways marketing supported by available technologies can help a small business be successful. During this 90-minute panel, SCORE Las Vegas experts will be available to answer your questions about using technology to: ·Identify your bullseye customer target ·Optimize your website effectiveness ·Learn where to focus your social media presence for your target market ·Evaluate success of your marketing efforts |Our expert panel facilitated by SCORE Mentor Lori Karbel, will answer your questions, and provide insights as to how a small business marketing activities can be most effective, efficient, and impactful through technology available to everyone today. Join us with your questions so our experts can share insights and we can all learn together. |The Zoom link will be included in the confirmation email.

11oct10:00 am11:30 amCybersecurity 101 - How to Protect Your Business from Cyber ThreatsToday, more entrepreneurs are starting, managing, and growing their small businesses online. Even in-store businesses have turned to the internet to help them with e-commerce, customer payment, and marketing. However, with convenience comes risk. Cyber threats and scams are rising, and you must know how to protect your business. In this webinar, a certified SCORE mentor will teach you the basics of Cybersecurity and what you can do to keep your business and your customers safe from cyber threats. In this webinar, you will learn: The common cyber threats to small business owners. How to protect yourself. 30 Minutes of QA.

12oct6:30 pm8:00 pmMarketing Communication - 21 Costly Mistakes and How to Avoid ThemYou started your own business because there’s something you love doing, do very well, and know cold. Then, once you opened your doors, you found yourself spending most of your time on things you know little about – marketing communication, for example. |What you say and how, where and when you say it are all critical to your success. But there are literally dozens of mistakes business owners unwittingly make that can cut into your bottom line, opportunities, and future growth. |Even something as basic as the name you give your business can make a difference between success and failure. |This workshop will show you real-life examples of 21 common and costly marketing communications mistakes that businesses (even big, national advertisers) make – and effective low-cost and cost-free ways to avoid them. |Marketing communication can make your business stand out from competition and prosper. Or it can waste resources, bleed cash, and lose opportunities. The difference depends on how you do it. |This workshop will be held using Zoom. The Zoom Link will be sent with your confirmation email.

15oct9:00 am10:30 amBasics of Intellectual Property Protection: Patents and TrademarksIntellectual property is defined as creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce. There are many types of intellectual property including copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. The main purpose of intellectual property law is to encourage the creation of a variety of intellectual goods. To achieve this, the law gives people and businesses property rights to the information and intellectual goods they create, usually for a limited period of time. The purpose of this workshop is to provide clarity about the types of intellectual property, how to use the laws to protect your ideas and inventions and outline resources available to you locally to help with this important area of managing your business assets. Register Below. Zoom link will be provided in your registration confirmation email. Seminar is offered at no charge.

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